Continuing Education for Nurses | March '19
Workplace violence
Workplace violence: A Serious Problem in Healthcare
Everyone has the right to a safe work environment, one that is free from violence of any kind, verbal or physical, and with the assurance to be treated with dignity and respect. As healthcare professionals, we must be advocates for not only our patients, but also for ourselves.
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Nursing News
Nursing: Entering the Profession at any Age
Nursing Profession
Entry into nursing can be done at several levels. Choosing the right level will depend on your location, expectations, previous education experience and cost of the program. Learn more about examples of the nursing degrees available.
Earning Your Next Degree: Heading Back to School in 2019
Nursing Degree
Are you satisfied with your career? Are you looking for more variety and increased responsibility? Do you want to expand your knowledge? Pursuing an advanced degree may open doors for you in ways you have never imagined!
Continuing Education
You asked for it, we listened! In last year's Education Needs Assessment, an overwhelming majority of nurses expressed a need to learn more about Teamwork. That's why it is the topic of the month.
Delegation: Mastering the Process and Building the Team
Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC)
Professional Communication: Speak Up, Speak Well
Free Resources
The Wisdom of Strategy
Join us on March 19 at 10am (PST) / 1pm (EST) to earn 1 CE Credit and learn how strategic planning and management affects the role of nursing. This webinar will focus on the why, how and when strategy needs to occur.