Continuing Education for Nurses | January '19
Sexual Harassment
Ending Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
In the healthcare field, patients, family members, and visitors have been found guilty of sexually harassing healthcare workers. Sexual harassment adds to the stressfulness of the job, which can result in burnout.
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Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Mental Illness
An advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) is an experienced RN with additional training in a nursing specialty that provides knowledge and skills to operate in an expanded role. Learn about their specialty areas and the barriers APRNs have to overcome.
Telehealth: Crossing Barriers
Telehealth: Crossing Barriers
Telehealth, often used interchangeably with the term telemedicine, is an important use of technology in today’s healthcare. It is the use of a real time interactive communication between parties. Learn more about the benefits and different roles that nurses can choose from in Telehealth.
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NEW: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Medication Safety: Protecting Patients from Avoidable Harm
When Minutes Count: Recognizing Stroke
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