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Continuing Education for Nurses | September '19
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Nursing News
September Healthcare Professionals Celebration - Surgical Technologists
Surgical Technologists
September celebrates Surgical Technologists as the Healthcare Professionals of the month. Learn more about their job responsibilities, hiring requirements and certifications.
Stress Management: Strategies for Success
Stress Management
Job related stress is common especially for healthcare professionals. How you manage that stress is important. Learn about some stress management techniques and practices to help you cope with stress.

Safe Blood Administration
Safe Blood Administration
Administering blood products is a common practice for nurses. However common, this practice is not without risks. Nurses need to understand and adhere to safe administration practice of blood products to reduce the risk of transfusion reactions.
Continuing Education
This month's topic is Stress Management and everything that helps reduce stress. We have compiled a suite of resources to help you manage stressful situations.
Managing Stress: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals
Critical Thinking: Knowledge, Reflection, Action
Practicing Cultural Competence
Free Resources
All About Nursing Radioshow - 4 New Episodes
In the new episodes you'll learn about the role of nurses in transplantation, key issues in nursing and workplace violence, the health policy and the International Council of Nurses  as well as prescription drug prices and healthy aging.