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Alzheimer's and other Related Dementias: 
Addressing Individual & Family Needs  NEW!

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Feature Story
Breastfeeding: An Update for Nurses
Headline in Health
The Balancing Game: Work vs. Life 
Clinical Insight
PTSD & Agent Orange: The Risk for Dementia 
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New Courses on Alzheimer's & Dementia:

Dementia Alzheimer's and other Related Dementias:
Addressing Individual & Family Needs

This course will provide a review of AD and other forms of dementia, plus communication techniques/approaches and individualized needs for patients/families.  Learn more

Dementia: Awareness for CNAs
Developed especially for Certified Nursing Assistants, this course will review the various forms of dementia including causes, treatments and outcomes.  Learn more 
Dementia: An In-Depth Review
This 2-contact-hour course will provide an overview of various forms of dementia, including causes, diagnosis, management, therapeutic interventions and outcomes. Learn more 

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Feature Story
Breastfeeding Breastfeeding: An Update for Nurses  
Nurses are strategic advocates for breastfeeding. As nurses, it is important to ensure that you have the knowledge to support breastfeeding mothers, including lactation practices and an understanding of the importance of breast milk...
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Headline in Health
Finding Balance The Balancing Game: Work vs. Life
As nurses, our chosen profession poses challenges for us to live a balanced lifestyle. Evaluating your goals and readjusting your life to meet those goals are essential to achieving a healthy work/life balance... Read more
Clinical Insight
PTSD PTSD & Agent Orange: Risk for Dementia 
PTSD is a common psychiatric syndrome associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality, and is one of the most common findings in veterans returning from combat. While evidence shows that PTSD may impair cognitive performance... Read more

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Nurses Top the List
As a nursing professional, you're in a top-ranking career, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Of the total 11.8 healthcare practitioners employed as of May 2014, Registered Nurses topped the list with 2.7 million jobs. In second were 1.4 million Nursing Assistants, followed by Home Health Aides (799,080) and Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses (695,610). See all the rankings and wage info here:  Read More 

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