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  • The Difficult Patient Tool Kit, Part 1: Proactive Ways to Defuse the Difficult Patient
    Difficult patients are not all the same. Some people are simply unpleasant and end up becoming our patients, and there may be little we can do to change their behavior. But some patients can become demanding, hostile and even abusive...

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  • Airport Emergency: A Nurse's Story
    Imagine yourself walking through your neighborhood mall, grocery store, or the airport -- when you unexpectedly see a person lying on the ground. What do you do? Do you hesitate, or do you instinctively respond knowing you’ve done this a thousand times before in a hospital setting?

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  • Keeping Up to Speed on EMRs

    The introduction of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) has caused a great deal of controversy in many healthcare organizations. Like it or not, EMRs are definitely here to stay. The good news is that, once we choose to embrace the technology, we find that EMRs can actually be a valuable patient care tool.


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  • Always Events: A New Trend in Healthcare?
    Clinicians know about Never Events, those largely preventable adverse occurrences which the National Quality Forum has identified. The Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC) for which CMS denies reimbursement include many Never Events. Clinicians also know about Sentinel Events, those events that harm patients or staff and for which the Joint Commission (TJC) tracks...

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  • Diversity in Nursing: Male Nurses & Minorities
    At 3.1 million, nurses are the largest group of healthcare professionals in the United States (, 2014). And as America’s population has become increasingly diverse, so too has the field of healthcare, with men and minorities shifting to nursing in increasing numbers...

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