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  • Best Practices: Fire Safety in the OR
    “Do no harm” is a tenet that guides healthcare professionals in their daily lives. Two hot topics that are stressed upon every year are Electrical and Fire Safety. In the operating room there are many opportunities during which electrical and fire-related injuries can occur...

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  • HCAHPS: An Opportunity for Nurses to Shine!
    HCAHPS, the acronym for Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, measures patient satisfaction. Every healthcare organization wants to maximize its HCAHPS results, and satisfy patients. But that’s only the beginning of the significance of the HCAHPS results.

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  • Career Satisfaction vs. Job Satisfaction

    After all the sacrifices and hard work, are you still happy with your choice to pursue a nursing career? If so, you are among the vast majority of nurses who claim to be satisfied with their careers. But a much smaller percentage of nurses are satisfied with their actual jobs...

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  • Wasting Controlled Substances: A Witness is Imperative!
    Medication diversion has serious consequences including suspension or loss of license, termination of employment and possible criminal charges. Knowing the correct method for wasting narcotics is an important edict to follow. By scrupulously following your organization’s policies and procedures (P&P), you can avoid any suggestion that that you might be diverting medication...

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  • Handover at the Bedside: A Simple Strategy to Improve Care
    At shift change, incoming and outgoing nurses transfer accountability by exchanging information about the patients under their charge (Patterson, 2008). An effective handover supports the transition of critical information and provides continuity of care, whereas poor communication at handover can jeopardize patient safety...

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