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  • New Treatment Guidelines: Atrial Fibrillation
    In March 2014, new treatment guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation were published by an expert panel from the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association and Heart Rhythm Society in collaboration with the Society of Thoracic Surgery. The new guidelines are evidence-based and include both consensus recommendations and relevant data...

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  • Communicating Critical Information: A Risk Management Case Study
    A 39-week pregnant patient presented to Labor & Delivery at 2300 complaining of contractions since 1800. After she was examined by the physician, Pitocin was started at 2mu/minute. Prolonged decelerations in the fetal heartbeat were noted at 0100 and the Pitocin was turned off... 

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  • Hepatitis 101: Are You at Risk?
    July 28 is not only World Hepatitis Day, but an important reminder that the liver plays a crucial role in maintaining one’s health and wellbeing. As healthcare professionals, it’s especially important to be aware that occupational risk factors combined with unhealthy behaviors can lead to hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and other health problems...

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  • Patient Deterioration: Early Warning Signs
    It is not uncommon for hospitalized patients to exhibit early warning signs before deteriorating. The key to optimal outcomes is recognition of these warning signs followed by an appropriate and timely response...

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  • Not Just Skin Deep: Update on Melanoma
    If you were paying attention to your calendar, you may have noticed that May 5 was Melanoma Monday, designed to increase public awareness and remind us of the importance of early detection. Dr. Michael Shapiro, a renowned dermatologist in New York, uses a simple mnemonic for determining when a mole should be evaluated by a medical professional...

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